Microsoft Planning the Demise of Microsoft Store for Business and Education

We’ve noted for a while that Microsoft was likely to retire the Microsoft Store for Business and Education, and today it looks like the whole thing will probably happen rather sooner than later.

Beginning mid-April, Microsoft won’t allow users to purchase apps out of this store, and while the organization doesn’t say it specifically, it’s believed this is actually the initial step towards the full retirement from the Store for Business and Education.

Happening earlier than anticipated

As reported by Neowin, Microsoft has published a notification around the official store page to point that although paid apps would not be available to buy from the store, they would continue to run and receive updates normally. Free apps wouldn’t be influenced by the whole thing.

“Starting April 14, 2021, all apps that charge basics price above freedom no longer be available to buy within the Microsoft Store for Business and Education. If you’ve already bought a paid app, you can still use it, but no new purchases is going to be possible from or,” Microsoft explained.

“Also, you won’t have the ability to buy additional licenses for apps you already bought. You can still assign and reassign licenses for apps that you already own and employ the private store. Apps with a base cost of “free” it’s still available. This change doesn’t impact apps in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10.”

For the moment, Microsoft hasn’t provided every other details, but the change is seen by many as another step right at the end of UWP apps as a whole.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for some information in connection with this and can publish a follow-up assuming we hear back. For now, it appears as though Microsoft has additionally started mailing users to tell them about the change, so an official announcement in this regard might not be too much.