Microsoft’s Next Build Event Will Take Place May 25-27

2020 forced all companies to move their events to the online world, thus allowing people around the world to watch their announcements in the comfort and safety of your home, and it appears like 2021 wouldn’t be too different either.

With the global ailment far from ending, Microsoft has become getting ready for a brand new round of events that will take place online.

According to a relevant video published by Microsoft leaker WalkingCat, the Redmond-based software giant would hold the next Build event on May 25 to 27, and once again, everything happens digitally.

Build is Microsoft’s flagship event, as well as in the prior years, it was employed for several big announcements, including new Windows 10 features and other releases. The 2021 edition will probably follow the same approach, only though we’ll all witness the announcements online due to the same awful reasons.

All digital this season

The fall edition of Microsoft Ignite is expected to occur on October 13 and 14, so the whole venue continues to be reduced to simply 2 days rather than five. Most likely, what this means is Microsoft is preparing for a digital form of the event, which to become completely honest, it’s actually disappointing since it means the organization doesn’t expect items to come back to normal by October.

Microsoft hasn’t released any official announcements regarding its next events, and also the aforementioned source does say this can be placeholder dates, but however, digital versions of those conferences is something that just is sensible at this time.

If anything, Microsoft is anticipated to announce the dates for the upcoming 2021 Build rather sooner than later, especially because May or June are the two months when the company is probably the most prone to hold its annual developer conference.