Microsoft Now Lets Users Embed Pinterest Pins in Word Documents

Microsoft has announced a new feature for Word and Onenote users, as it brings Pinterest integration right into documents.

In other words, Pinterest pins is now able to embedded into Onenote and Word, and Microsoft says it all comes down to simply pasting the URL of any pin into a document.

So theoretically, all you have to do is to paste the Link to any pin inside a Onenote page or perhaps a Word document, and the newly-released feature automatically detects it, then rendering it as a live interactive embed. This is because straightforward as it gets, and Microsoft says the ones to profit in the new feature are educators, who’re often using Pinterest to discover new content.

“Educators all over the world love using Pinterest to discover and save materials, lessons plans, ideas and digital materials for their classroom. Over the past few years, we’ve heard many requests for a Pinterest integration with Onenote,” Microsoft explains.

Now live in Word on the internet

“The Onenote binder metaphor, and the capability to easily embed Pinterest Pins interactively in Onenote, organize them, or distribute to other people in Onenote Class Notebook, appeared like an excellent match. Additionally, with our recent announcement of Microsoft Word for web support for interactive content, we’ve also added Pinterest support here as well! Today we are excited to announce the combination between Pinterest, Onenote and Word.”

For the time being, the brand new feature is just obtainable in Microsoft Word on the internet, and also the company hasn’t shared any information as to when it intends to take it to the other versions of the app. So far as Onenote is worried, the new Pinterest integration is reside in Onenote for Windows 10, Onenote online, as well as in Mac, iPad, and Android applications.