One More Linux Distro Attempts to Convince Windows Users to Make the Switch

With Windows 7 already discontinued, it type of makes sense for Linux operating systems to go after Microsoft users, and likewise to Canonical and many others, the Freespire developers also make an effort to convince some to help make the switch.

They has released Freespire 6.0 running the MATE desktop, with the KDE version not far off.

“This release is our FOSS solution, without any binary-only drivers or multimedia codecs included and strictly Libre applications. Freespire is released bi-annually and showcases the very best the open-source community has to offer. Our users enjoy a large number of different desktops – for this release we are releasing the MATE desktop first; KDE comes next, look out for this,” the Freespire devs explain.

The new version comes with MATE 1.20 and kernel version 5.3.0-28 and includes the Chromium web browser and Abiword.

Moving to Linux

The Freespire team says this new release is only the right choice for Windows user who are currently considering switching to Linux, particularly if they own computers that won’t run Windows 10 smoothly.

“With Windows 7 at the end of life, lots of people have PCs which may not be optimal for Windows 10; now’s a good time emigrate to 1 of the most recognized desktop Linux distributions, that is optimized for just these sorts of PCs,” they say.

Windows 7 officially reached no more support in January this season, and today Microsoft pushes for everybody to upgrade devices to Windows 10. As the system requirements of these two are nearly identical, Microsoft too recommends users to buy new systems for Windows 10, especially as certain features, like Windows Hello, require dedicated hardware.

As much as this point, however, stats reveal that a substantial number of those who previously used Windows 7 on their devices installed Windows 10 and not a Linux distro.