Linux-Based Windows 12 Promises Flawless Updates, Readily available for Free

If Windows 10 isn’t necessarily to your liking, maybe you like Windows 12, a practical system that promises pretty much what Microsoft fails to get results, including flawless updates.

One redditor says they discovered Windows 10 Lite discs in a local computer fair and took a photograph of the ad that accompany the operating-system.

“No upgrading whenever [sic] you need to work. No upgrades that fail so you cannot upgrade and much more forcing you to definitely buy more Windows 10,” the ad reads. “No virus or ransomware Window 12 [sic] is immune from these nasties.”

While initially this might make some people think that Microsoft presented a brand new Windows version, this is really a Linux-based operating system that comes with a Windows 10 theme.

Geocities called, it wants its website back

The state website of Windows 12 appears to suggest it’s based on Linux Lite but customized with a Windows 10 wallpaper and featuring a flat icon pack.

The Windows 12 description posted about this official website, which through the was appears like it comes down right out the Geocities era, is funny, to say the least:

“All the issues from the poor operating-system are solved with Windows 12 Lite 4.8 an excellent operating-system. This desktop is way superior in each and every respect to Windows 10. This isn’t Microsoft it’s now Windows 12 Lite. It is also an alternative for Windows 10 you are able to dual boot with Windows 10 and you will have a much better operating-system this really is one of the worlds fastest and best,” the site reads.

The photo gallery on the page is mostly exactly the same screenshot with a different desktop background, by the design of products, it indeed appears to be a Windows 10 theme with flat icons.

I’m not sure what Microsoft thinks about this, but because of the name of the Linux operating-system, I’m confident it won’t hang in there for too long.