This Manager with Fluent Design Is one thing Windows 10 Needs

Microsoft has further refined the Windows 10 Task Manager in the newest feature updates, but in relation to UI, very little is different, regardless of the OS itself slowly moving to some modern approach.

And while Task Manager is yet to get this visual treatment, the designers out there within the Windows community already realize how the app could be improved to align using the new direction that Windows 10 also embraced.

The concept that the thing is here envisions a Task Manager version that utilizes Fluent Design and a couple of new features, including a search box that allows users to look for running processes.

Looking box is without a doubt one of the features which should have been there in the beginning, and Microsoft must undoubtedly add it in a future update for that operating-system.

Not responding Photos app

Additionally, this Manager concept also proposes a clear indicator from the desktop where each app runs – if you are using multiple desktops, each process includes details in connection with this, as Task Manager displays global information for that active Windows instance.

The funny thing about this concept would be that the Photos app is displayed as Not responding, something that many Windows 10 adopters already got used to because of the high CPU usage of this application. Photos may be the default image viewer in Windows 10, and it comes with a rich feature lineup which includes photo and video editing capabilities. The app, however, is often among the top resource hogs on Windows.

Obviously, it’s important to keep in mind case an idea and there’s no guarantee Microsoft will make it happen. But such things as looking box in Task Manager is without a doubt something which Windows 10 really needs.