Three Super-Simple Windows 10 Tricks You Didn’t Know They Existed

Mastering Windows 10 isn’t necessarily a hard thing if you have the time to read the available documentation for each feature, but even when you think you’re done, there’s still something that takes you unexpectedly.

Things like a keyboard shortcut, a brand new option, or less-known feature turn Windows 10 into a much more user friendly operating system, basically enabling you to do your work easier.

Today, we’re likely to discuss three hotkeys that you simply probably didn’t know they existed and which truly help you to get stuff done faster.

Shift + click taskbar icon = New app instance

First and foremost, if you’re currently dealing with one app and wish to launch another instance, it’s enough to simply press Shift and click its taskbar icon to fire up.

This involves you to have the icon pinned towards the taskbar, but considering that almost everyone has already done that, it’s one of the hotkeys that frequently come in handy in several cases, such as whenever using multiple documents side by side.

Additionally, launching another instance of an application is also possible having a middle-click around the taskbar icon. This method is useful if you can’t use the keyboard or you’re working on the unit with the mouse.

CTRL + Shift + Esc = Task Manager

Among the hotkeys that have been there in Windows since forever allows you to launch the job Manager. As most power users probably agree, Task Manager is one of the best pre-loaded tools in Windows, which is actually the reason Microsoft is really keen on delivering further improvements in new feature updates.

Most people, however, launch the job Manager while using traditional method, which involves a right-click on the taskbar > Task Manager. Nevertheless, if your mouse isn’t available, no longer working, or you must make use of the keyboard, pressing CTRL + Shift + Escape key launches the Task Manager too.

This hotkey is also useful in those times when the unit freezes and the taskbar is no longer responding, so technically, launching the Task Manager continues to be possible from the keyboard.

CTRL + Shift + click = Run as administrator

Some apps require elevated privileges in Windows 10, and there’s no doubt that most people rely on the traditional method to launch an app with administrator rights and which includes right-clicking its icon > Run as administrator.

This is certainly the simplest way for the majority of users, and that i personally apply it to regularly too. But let’s say I say to you that launching an app with administrator rights can be done with a keyboard shortcut too?

What you need to do is press CTRL + Shift after which click the app’s icon. This works everywhere on your device, including in the Start menu. I typically use this hotkey when launching a Command Prompt window with administrator rights, especially since i didn’t pin this app towards the taskbar. So it’s enough to type cmd.exe within the Start menu after which press CTRL + Shift + Click on the icon to launch Command Prompt with elevated privileges.

Of course, there are plenty of other hotkeys and straightforward tricks which help you master the world of Windows, so that you can post yours within the box following the jump to share them with the rest of the world. The majority of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts operate in previous Windows too, apart from those put into activate new functionality introduced in this OS.