Microsoft Launches New Font Called Cascadia Code

Microsoft has released a brand new font called Cascadia Code after previously announcing it at the Build developer conference in May.

Cascadia Code is mostly targeted at developers and is specifically optimized for command line applications and code editors. Microsoft says it developed the font for use the brand new Windows Terminal application, but simultaneously, it’s also recommended with other apps like Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

The brand new font will be contained in Windows Terminal automatically, and users will receive it once they install the next form of the app.

Targeted at command-line apps

As numerous other activities released by Microsoft lately, Cascadia Code is open source and is on GitHub.

“The name Cascadia Code originated in the Windows Terminal project. Prior to being released, the codename for Windows Terminal was Cascadia. Actually, a few of the source files within the Terminal still use this name! Being an homage to the Terminal, we liked the thought of naming the font after its codename,” Kayla Cinnamon, Program Manager, Windows Terminal, Console, & Command-Line, explains.

“We added Code towards the end of the font name to help indicate this font was meant for programming. Specifically, it helps identify that it offers programming ligatures.”

Users can install the brand new font in the GitHub page, and developers should bring about the project for more improvements within the coming months.

Microsoft says it’ll use the Windows versioning syntax for the font, so the current version is 1909.16 – the next form of Windows 10 due in the fall is codenamed Windows 10 19H2 and it is likely to land as version 1909.

Windows Terminal is also available for download as a preview, and it requires Windows 10 build 18392 and newer.

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