Microsoft Adds Another Microsoft Edge Feature to Its Chromium Browser

In December 2018 if this announced it would move Microsoft Edge browser to the Chromium engine, Microsoft promised it might retain the familiar feel and look from the Windows 10 application.

This involves keeping as numerous features as you possibly can so that they can provide users, who eventually could be required to result in the switch to the new browser, with added consistency.

Since the Chromium Edge is within preview stage and Canary and Dev builds are available, we can already have a glimpse into how Microsoft wants to make that happen.

The latest Edge Canary update, for example, includes new proof of Microsoft’s efforts of retaining the familiar factor from the native Windows 10 browser.

Microsoft has added the super-popular favorites button to the toolbar in Canary build, making it work just like within the original Edge.

Gradual rollout

While this may not seem like one major update for some, it’s actually one very requested feature in the Microsoft Edge Insider program.

However, it appears that the rollout happens gradually, as the feature isn’t yet readily available for all users running Canary. The button doesn’t show up on my testing device here, but as per this reddit thread, it is available for others.

Expect the favorites button to make its debut for all Canary users in the coming updates.

Microsoft Edge Canary receives updates daily, while the Dev channel gets a era each week. Microsoft hasn’t yet published beta builds of Microsoft Edge, however the company claims they are “coming soon.”

And of course, there’s no ETA as to once the stable build could ship, but it’s believed this would see daylight at the begining of 2020 when Microsoft finalizes Windows 10 20H1 and sets the Chromium browser as the new default within the operating-system.

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