Microsoft No more Really wants to Get rid of Classic Paint in Windows 10

Microsoft has given on its intend to retire the classic Microsoft Paint in Windows 10, instead deciding to continue providing the app alongside the current Paint 3D.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709), which launched in the fall of 2017, introduced a warning in Microsoft Paint to warn users the app has been deprecated.

Microsoft tried to steer users to Paint 3D, the company’s modern Paint app that accompany a lot of additional features, including full touch support and a concentrate on 3D content, which perfectly aligns with the company’s current push in Windows 10 overall.

“This form of Paint will quickly get replaced with Paint 3D. Classic Paint will then become available in the Store,” this notification read.

Not a long time ago, however, the warning simply disappeared, with many believing this could be no more Paint, as Microsoft might make the ultimate step and retire the app entirely.

“Microsoft Paint lives on”

But because it turns out, the organization does precisely the opposite, as Microsoft Paint would remain obtainable in Windows 10 and live alongside its 3D sibling.

Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager on the Windows Insider Program Team, explained in a tweet that Microsoft Paint would continue to be offered in Windows 10.

“MSPaint will be contained in 1903. It’ll remain included in Windows 10 for now,” he tweeted.

Specifics aren’t readily available for now, so it’s not known if this sounds like a brief change or Microsoft no longer wants to kill off the classic Microsoft Paint in Windows 10. If this sounds like the case, then a Microsoft Store listing for Paint is not likely to visit live, because the application continues to be offered included in Windows 10.

The next version of Windows 10 is called May 2019 Update, and it is projected to visit live the following month with Microsoft Paint included.

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