Just Apple Copying Microsoft: More Mobile Features Coming to PCs

Apple is pushing harder for an approach that Microsoft pioneered (and which, meanwhile, failed): deeper ties between iOS and macOS to be able to merge the two ecosystems for seamless transition in one to a different.

Among the company’s latest efforts concerns more iOS features which are migrated to macOS, having a report from 9to5mac indicating the next form of the desktop OS will bring several improvements in connection with this.

macOS 10.15 is anticipated to incorporate Screen Some time and Siri Shortcuts, both of which are already on iOS devices and which could technically help merge mobile and the PC.

Siri Shortcuts, which may be placed on iPhone and iPad in the App Store, will also go love macOS users using the release of the following major update later this year, the origin adds. At this point, however, it’s not yet known if Apple wants to make use of a similar approach and provide the app although the Mac App Store or bundle it using the operating system.

“Microsoft used it too”

Screen Time includes a brand new panel in System Preferences and will allow users to configure how much time they are able to run certain apps. Once the threshold is reached, the screen is locked and also the password needs to be provided in order to keep using the app.

Microsoft pushed for OS convergence a few years ago when it tried to merge Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10. Because of the poor adoption from the mobile operating-system, however, this plan of action eventually failed, and Microsoft ended up migrating several features from smartphones towards the desktop.

Apple’s plan, however, has bigger chances to achieve success, especially given the huge app portfolio that powers the iPhone.

A lot of this project is expected to become unveiled in June at Apple’s WWDC, as the Cupertino-based tech giant will probably insist tougher for developers to organize their apps for the merge between iOS and macOS.

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