Unofficial Build of Chromium for Windows 10 ARM Now Available for Download

Microsoft’s migration from EdgeHTML to Chromium for Microsoft Edge browser opens the door to some whole new number of opportunities for Windows 10.

Included in Google becoming a bigger supporter of Windows 10 as a whole, Chromium is soon expected to arrive on the Windows 10 ARM platform too.

Even though Microsoft and Google are currently focusing on this project, a skilled developer recently got Chromium up and running on Windows 10 ARM. Today, an unofficial build of this browser can finally be downloaded and installed by users for testing purposes.

Keep in mind that this isn’t an official release, so you should think twice prior to trying it out on your device. I suggest you to do it in a secure environment, in case you’re afraid something could go wrong.

“ARM-based Microsoft Surface”

As for the official port of Chromium for Windows 10 ARM, Microsoft said not really a years ago it’s dealing with Google on making everything happen. And when this project gets the green light, practically all browsers powered by Chromium should be able to run on Windows 10 ARM, not just Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

“We’ve been collaborating with Google engineers to allow Chromium to run natively on Windows on ARM devices starting with Chromium 73. With these contributions, Chromium-based browsers will soon be able to ship native implementations for ARM-based Windows 10 PCs, significantly improving their performance and battery life,” Microsoft said.

Mozilla has recently released a Firefox version for Windows 10 ARM too. The browser continues to be in beta development stage, but because it turns out, ARM-based Windows 10 devices are slowly gaining ground and receiving more attention from developers worldwide. Microsoft can also be exploring its very own ARM Microsoft Surface model to support the project from a hardware perspective.

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