Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10 ARM Available these days for Download

Mozilla has released the first public beta of Firefox for Windows on ARM after the company previously presented an earlier look at the browser in 2018.

Although it might seem such as the project advances slowly, investing in an ARM64 browser wasn’t necessarily a priority given the rather poor adoption of Windows on ARM.

However, Microsoft and Google have both suggested that their Chromium-based browsers would run on Windows devices with Snapdragon chips, so Mozilla decided to build its very own flavor of Firefox to grow in this direction.

Despite being a beta, Firefox for Windows 10 ARM appears to be running quite smoothly, and more refinements would be added because the browser heads for the final development stages.

“Browsers, browsers, browsers”

There’s a great deal happening in the browser world these days, and many of the projects come from the same three large developers here, namely Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla.

After announcing that its browser would change from EdgeHTML to Chromium, Microsoft rolled out a preview of its new Microsoft Edge earlier this year, allowing users to try out the app on Windows 10. The brand new Edge will be available cross-platform, so it’ll also support older Windows and macOS.

Meanwhile, Bing is also developing its very own Chrome version for Windows on ARM, and some days ago, a developer got the browser running around the platform. In turn, this successful attempt allowed others to set up Google Chrome on Windows phones already updated to Windows 10 on ARM.

There’s no ETA at this time regarding when Mozilla would to produce stable form of its new Firefox browser, but given the application has already been within an advanced development stage and everything’s working so smoothly, it shouldn’t take too much time before an announcement in this regard is released.

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