Microsoft Might Launch Windows 10 Version 1903 With a Major Bug Causing BSODs

An insect potentially causing Windows 10 to crash having a Blue screen of death of Death (BSOD) when running certain games with anti-cheat software might remain unresolved for many titles once the public rollout begins.

Microsoft first acknowledged the issue in Windows 10 preview builds earlier this year, revealing that some devices could get a GSOD (Green Screen of Death and also the sibling of Blue screen of death of Death within the Windows Insider program) when running certain games with anti-cheat software.

The larger problem, however, was that Microsoft never disclosed the games that could be influenced by the bug, even though users discovered the hard way that the BattlEye anti-cheat software utilized in Fortnite was affected, others caused fatal crashes too.

The 2009 week, this anti-cheat software bug was finally resolved, and Microsoft lifted an upgrade block for devices that might happen to be impacted.

More concerning is that since the bug is related to third-party software, only the firms that Microsoft caused released fixes, while others are yet to do so. In other words, while crashes no longer occur when running some games, they still happen when launching others.

“The block has been removed since the most of games influenced by the problem have released updates for their games. So most gamers will no longer be impacted,” Brandon LeBlanc, senior program manager on the Windows Insider Program Team, said.

“Risky approach”

When inquired about what happens with other games that didn’t get the fix, LeBlanc explained that a crash is indeed possible.

“If they weren’t fixed. Lots of this deals with organizations and that i cannot speak on their behalf. The team on our side has explained a.) the majority of games that will hit this problem have issued a fix and b.) the block continues to be removed,” he explained.

Without a doubt, this can be a very risky approach, since many users would just believe that the crash is brought on by Windows itself and not by third-party software. After the October 2018 Update fiasco, Microsoft certainly does not afford such a fiasco.

One approach that Microsoft could embrace to prevent shipping a Windows 10 feature update that may crash when launching certain games is to block the update from being offered to devices running unsupported titles. But then again, this involves Microsoft flagging all affected games and alerting users of the items exactly is going on, a strategy that the company appears to be avoiding at this time.

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