Microsoft Edge Ironically Increases Share of the market as Chromium Version Imminent

Microsoft is currently giving the finishing touches towards the first public preview of its Chromium-based browser, but in the meantime, the present version of Microsoft Edge keeps improving its market share.

NetMarketShare data for March 2019 shows that Edge has grown its share, jumping from 4.79% to 5.20% in just a single month.

While this doesn’t seem much at first, it’s quite an achievement for Microsoft Edge, since it’s market share has always been less than the one of its biggest rivals.

For comparison, Google Chrome happens to be the key browser around the desktop with a share of no less than 68.88%, so Google’s application has more than 10 times the marketplace share of Microsoft Edge.

“The migration to Chromium”

However, Edge increasing its market share last month is very likely to be caused by Windows 10 itself also growing. With Microsoft Edge offered because the default browser in Windows 10, it makes sense for more users to stay with it after installing the operating system, albeit the proportion of users doing this will probably be really low.

For now, however, a continual increase every month is what Microsoft Edge needs, at least until the Chromium-powered version arrives.

The good news is that the migration to Chromium is expected to develop a huge increase in market share for Microsoft Edge, especially as the browser would be offered on other desktop platforms beside Windows 10. The brand new application may also be available on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, but also on macOS. Microsoft hasn’t yet confirmed a Linux flavor of Edge, but it’s actually very likely because of the cross-platform availability of Chromium.

A preview version of the new browser is projected to be released within the future or weeks, but in the meantime, you can try an earlier build of Microsoft Edge (Chromium) by downloading this installer from Softpedia.

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