How you can Open your password Protected Excel File if Forgot Password

If we are creating password protection on our Excel workbook, Microsoft warns us to help keep our password in a rut, because they will not help to locate back the password if it is forgotten or lost.

However, if you’re unfortunate to forget your Excel file protected password, how to open it up?

Should there be a lot of important data on the Excel workbook, deleting it directly will cause an amount of loss. Is there any way to unlock it without losing data? Follow this article, and employ the software on the approach to open your Excel file without or with password efficiently and no any damage.

Method 1 only works on Excel (*.xls) file; method 2 creates Excel (*.xls ,*.xlsx) file; method 3 only creates Excel spreadsheet. Read and choose the appreciate method to unlock your Excel file.

Open a password protected excel file without password

The Office Password Remover only works for (.xls and .doc files) around the lower version of Office 2003 . If you are using the higher form of Excel (.xlsx) file on Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, go and see the next method.

1. Download Office Password Remover, install and launch it.

2. Click Open button and choose the Excel (.xls) file that you simply want to unlock.

3. Click Remove Password button, the protected password will be taken off your Excel workbook in a soon.

4. Click Open, you will find the Excel file is unlocked without password.

Open your Excel workbook with the encrypted password

Should you forgot protected password to open .xlsx file on Excel 2007/2010/2013/2016, follow by doing this:

1. Get the Cocosenor Excel Password Tuner and install it on your pc.

2. Click Available to choose the Excel file that should be unlocked. (The first two steps are similar with Office Password Remover)

3. Select the appropriate attack type and adjust settings.

Select which type of attack?

4.1 Brute-Force attack?

If don’t know or remember any thing concerning the password for your Excel file, pick the Brute-Force, which will try all the probable combination to recuperate password for you personally.

But don’t forget to set the password range and password length to enhance the recovery efficiency.

4.2 Brute-Force with Mask attack?

If certain parts of the password character are still remembered on your part, choose the Brute-Force then Mask. This may be faster than the Brute-Force attack only.

First pick the Brute-Force to set the password range and password length.

Then choose Mask to specify the password, make use of the “?” symbol to exchange with the character you don’t know.

4.3 Dictionary attack?

In case your password is note on the document, create a password dictionary by using it, after which choose the Dictionary attack type, which will find your password inside a soon. You also may use the dictionary developed by the password program.

4.4 Smart attack?

If your password is complicate, and also you don’t remember any thing about this, select Mask, which will try all of the printable characters in all combinations.

5. After adjusting settings, click Start button, the recovery program will begin.

6. Before long, when your Excel encrypted password is recovered, click on Copy, click on Open, after which paste the password to spread out your Excel workbook.

The Excel Password Tuner is applied to any or all versions of Excel file, such as *.xlsx file on Excel 2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007, and the *.xls file on Excel 2003/2000.

Unprotect Excel spreadsheet without software by VBA code

If you are only setting the password to protect your Excel sheet to be edited, and also you forgot the unprotect password, unprotect it with VBA code instantly.

Step 1: Open the Excel file, and press Alt + F11 to spread out VBA window.

Step 2: Click Insert, select Module.

Step 3: On the General window enter the VBA code.

Step four: Click “Run” button (or press F5 key) to run it.

Step 5: In a second, a little box appears, in spite of the password, simply click on Alright to close it. Close the VBA window, you will find your Excel sheet continues to be unprotected without the password.

Isn’t it so easy? Simply have a go!

Tips: You can’t use the VBA code to open your password protected Excel file when you forgot the encrypted password, since you can’t insert a module once the file is not opened.

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