This is actually the New Sticky Notes for Windows 10

Sticky Notes is among my personal favorite apps in Windows 10 mostly because it lets me keep track of things that are super-important, all without needing to cope with cluttered interfaces and options that I really don’t need.

The very best of all is that Sticky Notes can be obtained on Android too because of integration in Microsoft Launcher, so I’m technically capable of taking my notes with me wherever I go.

The most recent form of Sticky Notes includes some pretty huge improvements, specifically for existing users who were hoping to get new capabilities for a way they’ve created and manage notes.

The update to version 3.6 is currently readily available for Windows insiders in the Skip Ahead ring, and users must be running at least Windows 10 build 18855 to be offered the brand new version.

First of all, the most significant improvement in this update may be the capability to include images in sticky notes. In other words, the important points no more need to come down simply to text, but also contain pictures, which could obviously boost the purpose of a sticky note entirely.

To insert a photo, all you need to do would be to open the new note interface after which click on the picture icon towards the bottom toolbar. This will open the standard browse dialog which allows you to supply the path to the look that you would like to make use of.

The photo will be inserted in to the note and is automatically resized to match how big the note. The image also adapts towards the dimensions of the window while you resize it. Additionally, the picture is displayed not only when opening a note, but additionally in the main Sticky Notes UI that displays a summary of all the notes.

Exactly the same behavior is being used here, so if you resize the main screen of the app, the photo is automatically resized as well.

There aren’t any additional tweaks for that photo that you could apply after inserting these questions note.

The other new major accessory for the Sticky Notes feature arsenal is support for multiple desktops. Windows 10 itself comes with an option that enables users to create and focus on multiple desktops simultaneously, so Sticky Notes are now able to change and display the important points whatever the desktop you’re currently on.

Starting with this update, the application also displays sticky notes in the Alt + Tab app switching interface. However, this only works in case your notes are expanded and not just displayed in the main screen of the app. But when they’re, pressing Alt + Tab enables you to jump straight to the note you would like without needing to first open Sticky Notes and then click it.

A more subtle improvement which many users could possibly miss if they don’t pay close attention to the Sticky Notes interface concerns the context menus when selecting text in a note.

This latest version introduces icons for the options that are displayed within this context menu, for example copy, cut, paste, undo and redo. This isn’t a significant improvement, but it certainly helps to make the interface overall feel more straightforward, especially as the application overall gets additional features and therefore becomes a little bit more cluttered than the first iterations.

Overall, Sticky Notes is clearly evolving, which can only be great news for those who are avid fans of the app, like I’m. There’s no ETA at this time concerning the release for all Windows 10 users, however this shouldn’t take long because the latest version seems to work pretty neatly at this time.

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