Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge Installer Shows Up, You Can’t Use It Just Yet

The work on the new Microsoft Edge browser advances, after coming across the brand new extension store that Microsoft will keep on its own separately from the Chrome Online store, here’s a brand new discovery associated with the brand new app.

The download link pointing towards the installer from the new Microsoft Edge version has become ready to go, before anything, just don’t get your hopes too high.

This link only works best for Microsoft employees, so even though you manage to get the installer, you won’t have the ability to fire up and download the brand new browser.

Instead, this installer shows that we’re getting closer to as soon as when Microsoft should unveil a preview of the Chromium-based Edge browser, even though many expect the company to carry it back before the Build developer conference in May.

“The migration from EdgeHTML to Chromium”

Microsoft announced in late 2018 it would be giving up on EdgeHTML for Microsoft Edge, the native browser in Windows 10, and migrate to Chromium, exactly the same engine that powers the greater popular Google Chrome.

The organization promised to support the feel and look of Microsoft Edge within the latest version, though it was pretty clear that some features would go away.

A preview form of the brand new Microsoft Edge browser was scheduled to ship in early 2019, according to Microsoft’s original announcement, and while not one other specifics were provided, evidence discovered in the last couple weeks indicate that the release is near.

The preview version of Microsoft Edge will only focus on Windows 10, but Microsoft’s plan is that after migrating to Chromium, the browser could be released on other platforms too, including here not only older Windows versions, like Windows 7, but additionally non-Windows os’s like macOS and Linux.

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