Microsoft Brings Windows 10 Emoji on Windows 7 with Office 2016 Update

Emojis seem like priority for Microsoft, as the company is rolling out several improvements towards the small smiley faces in the operating systems once in a while, now it’s bringing the Windows 10 experience on Windows 7 with an Office update.

@SwiftOnSecurity was the first to spot the update, with Microsoft itself explaining that the new Office 2016 update indeed brings emoticons in documents on Windows 7.

The update, however, doesn’t bring emoji in the operating system per se, only in Office documents, addressing an element that many people complained about in the last versions. Microsoft explains that oftentimes, emojis appeared as if black boxes in Office, so with this update, this problem is finally fixed with the aid of a new font that’s automatically instead in the system and used by the productivity suite.

“Emojis are sometimes displayed as square boxes in Office 2016 applications in Windows 7. This problem occurs because Office 2016 applications request Emojis to be displayed within the Segoe UI Emoji font, and also the font is missing in Windows 7. This update installs the Segoe UI Emoji font,” Microsoft says.

“Available for many Office versions”

The update is available for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the productivity suite, also it can be installed for the majority of Office versions, including Professional and Professional Plus.

As far as Windows 10 users are worried, they’re also getting their own share of improvements for the emoji experience, with Microsoft revamping the entire touch keyboard and introducing new methods to insert smiley faces into conversations.

At this point, all these tweaks are just readily available for users who’re participating in the Windows Inside program, but systems in the production ring should receive them as well in September once the Windows 10 Creators Update is finalized. Obviously, these improvements will be exclusively available for Windows 10 users and no other Windows version would get them.

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