Microsoft Office 2019 Updated with New Onenote Interface

Microsoft can make a significant change with the release of Office 2019, leaving the desktop form of Onenote behind and instead betting big around the UWP version of the note-taking app.

Recently, the company has progressed towards this goal using the discharge of a brand new interface update for Onenote that prepares the UWP app for that Office 2019 treatment.

The menu design has been aligned using the one featured within the remainder of Office 2019 apps, as Microsoft wants its productivity tools to focus on probably the most essential options and to make them easier to reach with this revised ribbon.

Onenote UWP has become getting these refinements as well, and Microsoft first lets insiders to test them out before everyone would be updated when the Office 2019 productivity suite becomes available.

“OneNote for Windows 10

Microsoft announced in April 2018 that Onenote desktop app would be substituted for the Windows 10 version since the latter has reached its maturity and boasts all the features currently available within the other, at the same time allowing for more improvements easier.

Using the UWP apps, Onenote users will get updates automatically through the Microsoft Store. Office 2019 is going to be only at Windows 10, so switching to Onenote UWP is a move which makes sense in the long term for the software giant.

“Over recent times and a half we’ve added a lot more than 100 of the favorite Onenote 2016 features according to your feedback (thanks!), with more improvements in route including tags and integration with Office documents,” William Devereux, Onenote Product Manager, said earlier this year when announcing the change.

Microsoft Office 2019 is projected to produce later this season and users will still be allowed to continue running the desktop version of Onenote if they want to. The UWP version, however, will become the new default and will be offered on new installs. The desktop sibling will keep getting security updates until 2025.

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