Users Blast Microsoft for Making Onenote UWP the New Default in Office 2019

Microsoft has released Office 2019 last year, and it would launch with the UWP form of Onenote built-in, as the desktop version would only be available optionally for people that use the productivity suite.

By making Onenote UWP the default choice in Office 2019, Microsoft more or less leaves Onenote for that desktop behind, putting all of the focus on the Microsoft Store form of the app in terms of additional features and updates.

Even though Microsoft says users can still download and install Onenote 2016 if they wish to run the desktop version, many people are actually disappointed with the direction the organization has embraced and require a change of mind in Office 2019.

“OneNote 2016 for the desktop not going away”

Posts on UserVoice show that a growing number of users want Onenote for desktop to become part of Office 2019, and many emphasize the insufficient features in the UWP sibling is the main reason.

“My whole personal and business life revolves around using Onenote and also the built-in version of Onenote for Windows 10 can’t get the job done. There are plenty of features missing it’s tough to enumarate them all. Please please do not take away Onenote 2016 before the Windows 10 app is good enough. It’s not even close at this time,” one user explains.

“This is a very bad decision. The replacement suggested isn’t even near the coast usability and functionality. Infact Recently i asked my associates to remove uwp version since it just kept grabbing the notebook url plus they could not accomplish their work that they required to do,” a different one adds.

Microsoft, however, has made it clear that Onenote UWP would be the only one to become offered in Office going forward, so there’s very little chance to see this plan being changed. The company reminds that users can install Onenote 2016 for the desktop and run it as long because they want, but of course, the most well-liked choice would remain the UWP build.

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