Windows 10: Home users will quickly be able to pause updates only for 7 days

Within the next version of Windows 10, Windows 10 Home users may for the first time have the ability to hit pause on Windows Updates for up to 7 days.

Microsoft continues to be testing the new Windows Update establishing Windows 19H1 preview builds within the Windows Insiders program. As noted by Windows watcher Paul Thurrott, the power for Home users to defer updates partially addresses a vital gripe users have with this edition.

While Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise editions can defer the upgrade for up to 35 days, Windows 10 Home users are forced to accept the next release when Microsoft makes it available on Windows Update, whether or not they want it or otherwise.

Not being able to defer feature updates leaves some Home users feeling like Microsoft’s guinea pigs. The problem with this particular lack of control became clearer after the October discharge of Windows 10 1809, which contained a severe data-deletion bug that Microsoft missed during testing.

As ZDNet’s Ed Bott argued within the wake of this disastrous release, twice a year Home users are forced to run the gauntlet of bugs in new Windows 10 feature updates.

“Ironically, the PC-owning population running Windows 10 Home is on the front line for every era and is most likely to encounter problems that have to be ironed by helping cover their a cumulative update or two. This group is probably least equipped to troubleshoot technical problems and least prone to have professional IT help available.”

The catch with the new seven-day pause is the fact that it isn’t enough time for users to select to sit down out a major update until Microsoft resolves issues. Even now, nearly 8 weeks after Microsoft rereleased Windows 10 1809, still it only recommends that advanced users should install it.

Still, the feature would offer Home users more control over updates compared to current Pick a time or Snooze options which were introduced within the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Although the new seven-day defer control has been tested, it remains seen whether or not this will arrive in the next version of Windows 10 when it is released around April.

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