Windows 10 Pro goes Home as Microsoft fires up downgrade server

Final update Microsoft’s activation servers appear like on the blink today – some Windows 10 users awoke to find their Pro systems have, er, gone Home.

Twitter user Matt Wadley was this can be a out of the gate, complaining that following an update to freshly released Insider build of next year’s Windows, his machine suddenly thought it had a Windows 10 Home licence.

After updating to Insider Build 18277 my Windows 10 digital license became invalid. I additionally wouldn’t understand! I’ve always installed Insider builds and retail builds on this machine and had an activation problems. No hardware changes, nothing has changed. I don’t know how to proceed.
– Matt (@Matthew_Wadley) November 8, 2018

While Insider build 18277, which appeared yesterday, contains numerous goodies, including improvements to target Assist to stop notifications bothering customers using apps in fullscreen mode, improvements to High-DPI, along with an intriguing setting to get users to cope with camera and mic settings in Application Guard for Edge, it did not mention anything about borking the machine’s licence.

Toward the relief of the bruised Insider team, but nobody else, it soon became apparent the fact that the issue is merely isolated to the people brave souls trying preview code, but over many versions of Windows 10.

Almost all of issues reported now appear to be from users who upgraded in the previous version.

One very own three-year-old Lenovo Yogas just decided i would throw 0xC004C003 Windows activation error. Windows diagnostic tool says it has Windows 10 Home license, so why did installed “8 Pro” sticker from the computer then…? Dumbasses.
– Pena Sarajärvi (@penasarajarvi) November 8, 2018

However, many are also reporting difficulty with fresh installs.

Per those able to uncover hold of Microsoft’s call centres, the recommendation is to wait quite some time and the problem should fix itself, indicating something went awry for the licensing servers, and engineers are now scrambling remedy it. Your machine must be usable for now.

The Register contacted Microsoft to acquire more information, and we will update when you have a response.

Luckily, the disorder does not appearance to be too widespread, which is small comfort to affected users who, er, really should join a domain, design Hyper-V or all of the other goodies included in Windows 10 Pro. ?

Updated to be able to at 1220 UTC

While there remains no official statement from Microsoft relating to the problem, users have reported that these hardworking support operatives for the Windows giant have warned that there’s indeed a “temporary issue” using activation servers relevant to the Pro edition. Affected people are advised to sit tight and wait for fix. A bid for when that is? Anywhere from one or two days. Oh dear.

Updated to incorporate at 2150 UTC

Folks are reporting the licensing issues are fixed. Then click Troubleshoot around the activation error window, and then it should resolve itself. You might have reboot and run Windows Update to nudge it along, we’re told.

“We’re lifetime restore product activations with the limited number of affected Windows 10 Pro customers,” Microsoft senior director Jeff Jones told us the 2009 evening.

Final update at 0100 UTC

If you cannot get rid of the activation error, ever again, it should clear itself, a Microsoft spokesman said – when Redmond’s techies have sufficiently bashed their machines with spanners:

A little number of customers experienced an activation issue the engineers have finally addressed. Affected customers sees resolution instead of the next Twenty four as the option would be applied automatically. For the time being, they can continue to use Windows 10 Pro as always.

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