RadarScope review: An immensely detailed weather app on Windows 10

Whether weather is your passion or profession, RadarScope coming over for Windows 10 is great news.

September and October often bring severe weather. If you’re endeavouring to stay current then you might want to know more detailed set of information than you will get in most weather apps. RadarScope is mostly a powerful weather tracking tool that allows see a great amount of detail on your hard drive.

The app is obtainable for $29.99 on Windows 10. There’s versions seen on Android, iOS, and MacOS.

Extreme detail

Before you decide to scoff at the high cost, remember that that isn’t your average weather app. You simply will not see a weekend forecast by way of a beautiful Live Tile. Instead, extended warranty card . is incredibly detailed weather information. Here is an example, you can view NEXRAD Level 3 data or Level 2 Super-resolution radar data. It is easy to track a person’s eye wall of your respective hurricane, see detailed tornado information, and track other more information from NOAA, AllisonHouse (for people who have a subscription), etc sources.

Use the app in order to keep track of extreme weather around supported areas but also save favorite locations.

RadarScope targets people who are obsessed with tracking weather information whether they’re with it for professional use or as an effective hobby. The interface with the app normally takes some getting used to individuals haven’t used an application like this before, nonetheless the amount of information you are able to track is incredible.

The very first thing that you’ll notice right away is that RadarScope doesn’t erase radar information. You’re getting raw data that one can interpret and digest yourself. I’m remember not to a meteorologist yet it’s fun to search the different information and notifications a app offers.

Just a bit behind

Despite the fact that Windows 10 type of RadarScope is powerful, it is a bit behind its Android and iOS counterparts. Both pro tier one and pro tier two are unavailable through the Windows version now. With these you will enjoy dual-pane displays, hail contours, and cross platform support among other sorts of things. The tiers are available require a paid annual subscription, but obtaining the option would be nice.

While it is not perfect turn out to be missing features, RadarScope just arrived at the Microsoft Store recently money . understandable specific features might take some time to unveil.

Overall thoughts

RadarScope is not type of app I’d recommend for the whole family. It’s a niche app that delivers an incredible variety data to be able to who love heavy-duty meteorological data. To the people types of users, the relatively high ticket price for RadarScope makes it worth while.

It’s a little disappointing the fact that the pro tiers of RadarScope aren’t offered on the Windows 10 version, however, the app’s website lists these as coming in 2010. I’m impressed with RadarScope’s first entry in to the Microsoft Store and try to love to see apps on this power and quality result from the ecosystem.

4out of 5


Powerful weather tracking
Option to buy weather sources
Support for subscription services


High price
Doesn’t have pro tiers yet

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