Microsoft begins killing there are numerous Windows 8 app store

Microsoft HAS ANNOUNCED that it won’t take any new apps for the Windows 8.x type of the Microsoft Store from 31 October.

Although Windows 8.1 doesn’t reach its end of life date until 10 January 2023, it’s clear that Microsoft should make sure it could actually get away regularly and has already, seemingly, decided to lock the doors, place the blinds down and funds up the tills.

Windows 8.0 has already reached EoL and if you’re still using that, as 1.19 percent of desktop users are, then find the Microsoft Store and upgrade for flip’s sake.

Updates to existing apps will continue supported until 1 July 2023. This is not like we weren’t warned.

The Windows 8 Store never has had all the feature set from the newer Windows 10 equivalent, ; however it has never really mattered because relating to the happy few still toting, the ’tiled’ or ‘metro’ or ‘UWP’ apps were an enforced nice to possess anyway, simply because they are part of a practical system that gave people Vista flashbacks.

On one side, we could consider and say ‘there’s ol’ Microsoft, strangling the different parts of an operating system so that they can encourage upgrades to happen quicker’ but in truth? It’s unlikely many individuals will give a flying fig.

Having the total number of Windows 8.x users ranking at only 6.78 percent right now, just because they did, the bank a tiny, perhaps vocal minority – Windows 7 and Windows 10 have 75.93 % of the market nailed up bewteen barefoot and shoes.

In with the desktop announcement, there exists a second EoL which may affect elsewhere . smaller number of individuals. Windows Phone 8, one of the few last outposts of Windows Mobile, is also winding up its app store – new submissions close on the day that, but app updates would also cease in under a year’s time – July 1st 2019.

Praoclaiming that the only person almost certainly going to care remotely is Kevin, not to put it too finely, when it comes to we know, he’s dead.

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