Microsoft’s new Xbox avatars available right now on Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft first commenced testing its new and various Xbox Live avatars with Xbox owners during June. The software maker is making these in shops to all Windows 10 users today in advance of their official release in October. A whole new Xbox Avatar Editor is downloadable with the Microsoft Store, granting Windows 10 gamers access in to the new avatars.

As you move the new avatars are rather basic at this time, can you fully customize your internet character with frame options, clothing, and props. Microsoft is interested to add accessories, props, moods, clothing, look categories in the foreseeable future, alongside more content post avatars are broadly available in October. Microsoft’s Xbox Avatar Editor for Windows 10 helps you to customize body, face, hair, and various options. Most of the customizations include color pickers to personalize things further.

Microsoft is displaying the fresh avatars on gamertag profiles and infrequently using them within the main Xbox One dashboard to celebrate friend activity. It’s uncertain how avatars will likely be displayed for Windows 10 users throughout the Xbox app, but PC gamers get the chance to use them for their profile images.

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