HP Promotes Windows Laptops Using… macOS Screenshot

Tech companies available keep making funny errors once in a while, and after Samsung tweeting from an iPhone, here’s HP trying to promote Windows using a… macOS screenshot.

That’s right. One of the largest Windows PC makers has accidentally used a macOS screenshot to advertise what it describes “the perfect laptop.”

The look should really show certainly one of its laptops running Windows, but in fact, what it does show is really a HP laptop running macOS. The photo is obviously Photoshopped (or possibly HP has installed Hackintosh on its device?) however the company describing this as “the perfect laptop” is very ironic given it builds Windows computers.

As per MacRumors, the look was posted on reddit, as well as for some reason, it’s still up at the time of writing. However, users out there aren’t permitted to discuss the post, so it’s probably just a matter of time until the thread goes down.

“For the digital nomads and work from anywhere-but-home types (yeah, we see you), HP has perfect laptops for wherever you’re working from,” the ad reads.

Microsoft committed to the Windows ecosystem

Microsoft is betting big on the Windows ecosystem, and the company praises its partners on nearly every occasion, including not only HP, but also Dell, Asus, Intel, and most recently, Qualcomm (the company that can help Microsoft offer ARM-powered devices).

“With all the exciting additional features arriving this update, there’s never been a better time for you to buy a new PC. We’re proud to offer Windows 11 on the broad array of devices from across the ecosystem. The best way to experience the magic of the update is on the new PC from Surface or our incredible ecosystem partners Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Razer,” Microsoft said a couple weeks ago.

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