Windows 23 Appears like the Fully Customizable Operating-system We Deserve

Microsoft has recently announced a brand new Windows 11 feature update and it is thought to be working on Windows 12, but an experienced concept designer out there has decided to go way ahead and envision what could be the upcoming Windows 23.

The idea developed by designer AR 478 comes with lots of customization options, as well as in many ways, it’s precisely what users are expecting Windows to eventually become.

In other words, it’s an operating system built to address the customer feedback, coming with plenty of customization options within the most important areas.

For example, the taskbar can be moved across the screen on either side (surprisingly, the floating taskbar that Microsoft is considered to become working on is not part of the concept). Additionally, the Start menu can also be relocated right part of the screen, while the Settings app includes plenty of new options to customize the OS.

Because it’s an operating system developed to address the feedback from users, Windows 23 includes a Windows XP visual style, as well as Cortana, the digital assistant that Microsoft has also turned into a second-class citizen in its operating-system.

Meanwhile, Microsoft itself says Windows 11 is built entirely on user feedback.

“With last year’s launch of Windows 11 we gave the PC a contemporary refresh, making it much easier for you to accomplish the duties you’ve trusted your PCs for most. We added foundational security built into Windows at home and also at work to keep you safe and with Windows 365, we took Windows to the cloud, empowering organizations to stream the entire Windows experience on any device. More and more people are utilizing Windows and spending more time on their PCs. Actually, Windows 11 is easily the most used and many loved version of Windows ever; this really is both humbling and energizing for that team and that i,” Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer at Microsoft, said.

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