Microsoft Could Announce “Something Exciting” a few weeks

Microsoft has announced Windows 11 2022 Update, while this week’s unveiling from the new-generation Surface devices also brought some Windows goodies, including screen recording capabilities for Snipping Tool.

But because it turns out, Microsoft has more news to share around the Windows front, like a company employee states that “something exciting” would be revealed in a few days.

Claton Hendricks released only a very vague teaser of the whole thing, without revealing anything as to what the announcement might be about. But as per Neowin, Hendricks is active in the Task Manager development, so perhaps the news that Microsoft would share in a couple of days is somehow related to this essential Windows feature.

Task Manager’s Windows 11 overhaul

Worth reminding, however, is that Task Manager has additionally gone through an enormous overhaul in Windows 11, and earlier this year, parents company introduced a brand new facelift, together with a dark mode.

“We have updated the style of Task Manager to complement the brand new Windows 11 design principles. Including a brand new hamburger style navigation bar and a new settings page. A new command bar on each page gives access to common actions. We’re also excited to create dark theme to Task manager and will automatically match the system-wide theme configured in the Settings app,” Microsoft announced in February.

Furthermore, the modern version of Task Manager sports a brand new so-called Efficiency Mode that helps deal with the high resource usage of certain processes.

“This feature is useful when you notice an app consuming high resources and also limit its consumption so the system gives priority to other apps that will lead to faster foreground responsiveness and energy efficiency,” the company continued.

We’ll keep an eye on Microsoft’s upcoming announcements and allow you to know what this teaser is all about once the mysterious news is revealed.

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