Microsoft Announces New Fixes for Windows 11 Tablet-Optimized Taskbar

Microsoft is working non-stop on refining the knowledge using the new tablet-optimized taskbar, but however, this selection continues to be available exclusively for Windows insiders.

Furthermore, not even all insiders can give it a try today, as Microsoft is releasing this feature to testers in stages, using the company collecting and analyzing the early feedback to ensure everything is in working order.

The software giant, however, is working on multiple fronts simultaneously when it comes to this new taskbar, now, it announced a new series of improvements included in the latest Windows 11 preview build for that Dev channel.

One of these concerns the behaviour from the new taskbar when there aren’t any windows on the desktop. The next four improvements are part of the latest preview build in the Dev channel:

We fixed the problem resulting in the taskbar to sometimes collapse if this ought to be expanded should there be no running windows on the desktop.
We fixed an element that would occur while using the left or right edge gestures resulting in the Widgets or Notification Center (respectively) to overlap with or look truncated by the taskbar.
Fixed an element that was resulting in the tablet-optimized taskbar to crash explorer.exe while switching apps.
Fixed an element that was causing the tablet-optimized taskbar to crash explorer.exe if you entered the overflow flyout.

At the same time, the brand new taskbar also comes with several known issues, including an occasion flash that can be spotted when toggling between tablet and desktop modes. In some cases, the transition also takes too long, and Microsoft says this is something it’s currently investigating, with a fix likely to be part of a future update.

If you wish to try out the improvements mentioned above, keep in mind that the tablet-optimized taskbar must be available on your device already.

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