Skype Gets Critical Fixes for Windows 11 and iPhone

Microsoft has released a new Skype version as part of the Insider program, which time, the changes are pretty important.

Skype is now love testers, and in terms of new features, it arrives with two important additions.

First of all, users can now double-tap to like a text they received. This only creates mobile devices, and in some methods, it feels like naturally to have interaction having a received message. The process is extremely fast, so liking a message has become a lot more convenient.

Then, Microsoft has additionally added new message reaction improvements.

“Click/tap on another person’s response to give a message reaction on all Platforms. To copy someone’s message reaction, click their reaction on desktop and tap on mobile. You may also remove the reaction exactly the same way. To see who reacted with an emoticon, hover on desktop and tap&hold on Mobile,” the organization explains.

The critical fixes

As far as the fixes are worried, Microsoft says it’s resolved crashes on iPhone, as well as on Windows 11 devices where users have performed an upgrade form Windows 10.

This is actually the full list of bug fixes obtainable in this update:

Skype crashing when users upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11 (MSIX)
Skype crashing on iOS
Gifs not animating on Android
Skype not localizing to device language on fresh install of Skype
Missing ‘send button’ after recording a video on Android
Downloading a file from chat hangs up a running ask Web
Trying to become listed on a locked meeting as guest by having an existing guest session causes app to obtain stuck in infinite spinner

Keep in mind this is still an insider release, so it might take some time until all improvements make their way to production devices.

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