Microsoft Planning to Kill Off the standard HDD for Windows 11 Boot Drives

The discharge of Windows 11 has caused a huge controversy due to updated system requirements, with countless computers that seemed perfectly able to running the operating system blocked from receiving it.

However, it appears as though Microsoft is planning much more changes that could be received with mixed feelings by users available.

The standard HDD would not be meant to be used like a Windows 11 boot drive, which means that through an SSD would become mandatory once this transformation makes effect.

The Redmond-based software giant hasn’t publicly announced this transformation, but John Chen, CEO of storage research firm TRENDFOCUS, said inside a statement that the change is already scheduled to go live at some point in 2023 or 2024.

Change entering effect next year

Oddly enough, it appears as though Microsoft originally planned to make SSD mandatory for Windows boot drives in 2022, but the company decided to break the rules the deadline due to a series of reasons, including the shortages which are currently affecting the storage device inventory across the world.

Chen told Tom’s Hardware the date when SSDs would become mandatory for Windows boot drives isn’t yet set in stone, however it happen at some point in 2023.

“The original cut-in date according to our discussions with OEMs ended up being to be this year, but it has been pushed to sometime the coming year (the 2nd half, I believe, but not clear on the firm date). OEMs are trying to negotiate some degree of push out (emerging market transition in 2024, or desktop transition in 2024), but situations are still in flux,” he explained.

Microsoft hasn’t offered any statement on this front, so for the time being, both HDDs and SSDs can be used as boot drives for Windows 11.

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