Microsoft Focusing on Microsoft Teams Chat Bubbles for iPhone and Android

Microsoft has recently confirmed that it’s focusing on chat bubbles for Android and iPhone in Microsoft Teams, an element which has previously debuted on the desktop too.

Although this feature might not seem much initially, it actually comes in very handy to Microsoft Teams users who wish to keep track on incoming messages when in a phone call.

Given it’s specifically aimed at mobile devices, this feature obviously makes it easier to see the messages without leaving the phone call screen.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed when exactly it wants to launch chat bubbles for iPhone and Android, but as Neowin observed, the company confirmed around the Microsoft 365 roadmap page that it’s already focusing on this update.

Microsoft Teams now in the Microsoft Store

On the similar front, Microsoft has recently launched the Microsoft Teams app in the Microsoft Store, therefore making it easier for Windows users to keep the app updated towards the latest version.

“The Microsoft Store has nearly everything you could want for the Windows device, including the latest games, popular movies and television shows, creative software, and apps. It’s now one of the most used apps on PCs, and customers inform us they love the benefit and reassurance the Microsoft Store provides compared to the risks of installing apps from the web. The Microsoft Store has become faster to open and navigate between pages than in the past as well. Additionally, the redesigned library will help you keep track of your installed apps and updates,” Microsoft explained.

However, worthwhile to learn is the fact that Windows 11 users can only install Microsoft Teams in the Microsoft Store for work and school accounts. Personal accounts are just readily available for Windows 10 users who download the Microsoft Teams app from the Microsoft Store.

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