Microsoft Releases Windows 11 Preview 25120 With Interactive Desktop Content

Microsoft just announced a new Windows 11 preview build for users signed up for the Dev channel from the Windows Insider program.

Windows 11 build 25120 includes big changes, as it includes support for interactive desktop content.

Quite simply, it’s some sort of desktop integration of widgets, with Microsoft now implementing a search box you have directly on the desktop to quickly search the net.

“Windows Insiders who make use of the Dev Channel could get to try out new ideas, longer lead features, and experiences that are intended to help validate concepts. Beginning with this preview build, some Insiders will see one of these conceptual features as we start to explore exposing lightweight interactive content around the Windows desktop. Today, Windows exposes this type of content within the Widgets board. To begin assessing this general idea and interaction model, the very first exploration in this area adds a search box shown on the desktop that enables you to definitely search the net,” Microsoft says.

Just tell Microsoft what you think

Obviously, this new feature is still in the past, so for now, only the search box can be placed around the desktop.

More similar “widgets” will likely make their method to the desktop in the coming builds.

Microsoft, however, explains that users can still disable this selection, also it encourages everybody to send feedback to be able to help further polish the experience at this early stage of development.

“If you want to remove this search box, you can right-click around the desktop, choose “Show more options,” and toggle the “Show search” option. We are excited to learn your feedback on this interaction model, so please make use of the Feedback Hub to provide feedback should you receive this experiment,” the company said within the release notes of today’s new build.

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