These Context Menus Are Exactly What Windows 11 Needs Right Now

The debut of Windows 11 included a massive overhaul of the UI, together with a new Start menu, an updated taskbar, and refreshed context menus that sometimes do more damage than good for users available.

The brand new context menus, which are supposed to align with the remainder from the operating-system when it comes to visuals, included multiple versions in Windows 11, therefore more or less adding to the inconsistency that’s been plaguing the modern versions of Windows for quite some time.

While Microsoft has polished the experience with context menus lately, they’re not even close to the modern version that people expected from a practical system released in 2021.

For this reason third-party tweaks are available in so handy.

Enter StartAllBack.

A batch of screenshots shared on reddit recently gives us a closer inspection at the context menus run by StartAllBack, a bit of software that helps fine-tune the Windows 11 UI and therefore get access to settings that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

The brand new context menus come with both dark and light modes, and overall, look a lot more polished compared to those created by the world’s number 1 software company.

On the other hand, it’s clearly a good thing that users are supplied with such alternatives, which is the key reason why the world of Windows is really a great community to be a part of. You’re always provided with alternatives for just about everything, and because the saying goes, there’s an app for everything.

In terms of other tweaks that Microsoft may be bringing to Windows 11, we simply have to wait for a next feature update which will go live later this season. This release is going to be massive, as it’ll include lots of changes and new capabilities that Microsoft continues to be testing included in the Windows Insider program.

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