Google Chrome 98 Officially Released With Critical Security Fixes

Google has released another major update for its browser, and while this really is obviously an essential latest version, it comes with almost no new features for customers.

The focus continues to be on fixing security problems within the browser, so Google Chrome 98 is a critical release mostly from a security perspective.

The browser has been updated without any more, no less than 27 security patches, and this is why users should install the brand new version as soon as possible.

At least 8 vulnerabilities have been labeled with a high severity rating, and 2 are use-after-free bugs affecting the Reader Mode and the Safe Browsing component. Google paid $20,000 in bounties towards the researchers who discovered these vulnerabilities.

The world’s number 1 browser

Google Chrome 98 also includes several fixes and improvements for developers, so this new version is mostly a security update that everybody should just install as quickly as possible.

Chrome continues to be the world’s number 1 browser, and it all happens for any excellent reason. However, Microsoft Edge is rapidly gaining market share, especially as it’s now offered as the new default browser on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Microsoft Edge is based on the same engine as Google Chrome, therefore it includes support for the same extensions, while also offering similar capabilities, obviously with some exclusives developed by Microsoft.

Chrome, however, continues to be preferred option for nearly all users. The newest third-party statistics put Chrome at nearly 70 % share of the market on the desktop, while Microsoft Edge was reaching 10 percent. Mozilla Firefox, that has always been considered the very best alternative to Chrome, is believed to become only third in the charts.

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