Windows 11 Adoption Almost Doubles as Rollout Enters Final Phase

The rollout of Windows 11 continues to eligible devices, and according to new data from AdDuplex, its share of the market has almost doubled since November 2021.

No less than 16.1 percent of the Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices available are now on Microsoft’s latest operating system, as the utilization of this version within the Windows Insider program has reached 0.4 %.

However, the main modern Windows version currently on the market is 21H1, which according to the said source, now has a share of 28.6 percent.

Windows 10 October 2020 Update, or version 20H2, is the runner-up with 26.3 percent, while Windows 10 version 21H2 is far behind with 12.1 percent.

The Windows 11 rollout

Microsoft says that the release of Windows 11, that takes devote stages starting last year, is currently in the final phase, therefore the last eligible devices should get the operating-system rather earlier than later.

“The upgrade offer to Windows 11 is starting to go in its final phase of availability putting us ahead of our initial plan of mid-2022. Windows 11 is driving increased engagement with individuals spending 40% more time on their Windows 11 PC vs Windows 10. The multitasking and productivity the best-selling Windows PC are being used more than ever before with up to 50 % of Windows 11 users using the new Snap Layouts,” Panos Panay said recently.

In other words, the rollout of Windows 11 is on track to be complete by mid-2022, with Microsoft already planning for a major update the following month.

This highly anticipated release will include several additional features, including a rollout of Android apps on Windows 11 like a public preview, therefore allowing all users to run apps built for Google’s mobile operating-system on their own computers without resorting to other software.

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