How to Access iCloud from Windows File Explorer

We all know that Apple uses iCloud as its cloud storage service for macOS and iOS. Photos, messages, videos are synced automatically if you are using a MacBook or an iPhone, or iPad. Ok now what if you work with an apple iphone or iPad, but uses a Windows laptop. In such cases, you will need to have iCloud on the Windows laptop. Apple has been improving iCloud support on Windows by giving more features including recently available password sync. How do we access iCloud from Windows File Explorer?

How you can Access iCloud from Windows File Explorer:

iCloud can be obtained for download and you may install the latest version of iCloud from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 or Windows 11. Once you have installed the iCloud app fitted machine, you have to run the app and sign in together with your Apple ID.

You’ll be able to see the screen as shown below. This can show you the choices to sync your iCloud drive, photos, emails, contacts, bookmarks, as well as passwords. If you need to sync your passwords, then you’ll have to install the extension.

Now, you need to let the check box against the iCloud Drive and click on the Apply button.

Once you have done this, open the Windows File Explorer and you’ll begin to see the iCloud enabled on the quick access menu on the left side.

Whenever you open this, you’re going to get the iCloud drive within the Windows File Manager and you will be able to add files or access the files within the drive right from your File Manager in Windows. If you have enabled Photos to sync, then you will be capable of seeing all the iCloud photos inside your Windows File manager.

Automatically, iCloud storage provides you with 5GB of free cloud storage and if you want more storage, you’ll be able to upgrade the storage from the app.

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