Microsoft Edge Browser Officially Launches on Linux

The transition from EdgeHTML to Chromium, exactly the same engine that’s powering Google Chrome, allowed Microsoft to show Microsoft Edge into a cross-platform browser.

So right now, Microsoft Edge is available on both iPhone and Android, but additionally on more desktop platforms besides Windows 10. For example, users of older Windows can also download the browser, and so do those running macOS.

Starting today, the stable form of Microsoft Edge can also be on Linux.

The browser landed within the Dev and Beta channels on Linux many months ago, but Microsoft has finally completed the introduction of the stable build and is now releasing it to users.

Updated surf game

To celebrate this occasion, Microsoft has also updated the surf game which comes bundled with Microsoft Edge, so that you can now use the famous penguin to surf.

“A common request is the requirement for Microsoft Edge to span the breadth of os’s in your environment. Last October, we made Microsoft Edge available on Linux in preview channels (Dev and Beta channels) and today, the browser is generally available for Linux through the stable channel,” Microsoft explains in an announcement today.

“This milestone officially rounds out the full complement of major platforms with Microsoft Edge through stable channel: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and now Linux. To make use of Microsoft Advantage on Linux, users can download it from our website or retrieve it using the command line from the Linux package manager.”

Microsoft Edge includes almost the same benefits as Google Chrome, because it offers full support for extensions produced for Google’s browser. However, Microsoft also offers an add-on store of its own, and here you can find typically the most popular extensions which have been specifically optimized for Microsoft Edge, regardless of what platform you run the browser on.

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