Drag and Drop May be Visiting the Windows 11 Taskbar

Microsoft is reportedly focusing on bringing taskbar drag and drop to Windows 11, with insiders to have their hands on this selection at the begining of 2022.

The organization hasn’t publicly announced it, but Deskmodder says drag and drop will go live with support for that taskbar inside a build scheduled to go live included in the Windows Insider program after Christmas.

If this sounds like indeed accurate, then users should be permitted to check out this feature first, while production devices could receive it at another time in a feature update.

The brand new taskbar in Windows 11

Microsoft features a massively overhauled taskbar in Windows 11, as the icons are actually aligned towards the center. It has obviously caused some confusion within the Windows userbase, but Microsoft says the entire purpose is to make everything more straightforward, obviously with the concentrate on productivity.

“We’ve simplified the look and user experience to empower your productivity and inspire your creativity. It’s modern, fresh, clean and beautiful. In the new Start button and taskbar to each sound, font and icon, everything ended intentionally to place you in control and bring a feeling of calm and ease. We put Start at the center and made it simpler to quickly find what you need. Start utilizes the power of the cloud and Microsoft 365 to inform you your recent files regardless of what platform or device you were viewing them on earlier, even when it was on an Android or iOS device,” Microsoft said.

Windows 11 happens to be rolling to users available, and Microsoft claims it wants to take it on all devices entitled to the upgrade through the summer of 2022.

The rollout has gained more pace, because the company started shipping Windows 11 to more devices that weren’t contained in the first wave.

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