Windows 11 SE Currently in the Works

Microsoft is reportedly developing a new version of Windows 11 that’s specifically aimed at low-cost devices, including at its upcoming Surface laptop specifically build for that education sector.

While hardly any is known at this time about the new operating-system, it’s pretty clear the purpose here is to optimize its performance in order to run even on slower hardware.

Although this could very well upset those whose computers have been blocked from getting Windows 11, especially on fast hardware, Microsoft’s intention is really very simple. The company wants Windows 11 to run on less expensive hardware too, which would essentially let it target the education sector having a more desirable offering.

Windows 11 SE coming later this year

Through the looks of things, one potential name that Microsoft currently has in mind for that new operating system is Windows 11 SE.

Back in the days when Windows 98 was still being a thing, the SE designed represented the second edition, however, this wouldn’t be this time around. Most likely, Windows 11 SE means Student Edition or something like that, as Microsoft wants to make it clear it’s not the fully featured experience you can otherwise try out today on your device.

Windows 11 SE is expected to visit live later this year, most likely on the new Surface laptop that Microsoft is building for college students.

However, this operating-system may also be readily available for other PC makers out there who’re thinking about developing low-cost Windows 11 devices, so at some level, Microsoft hopes this new operating system would spawn another category of devices helping it win big within the education sector where Google’s Chromebooks are already dominating.

Of course, Microsoft has always been completely tight-lipped on everything associated with the new Windows 11 SKU.

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