Microsoft Resolves Another Windows 11 Bug

Microsoft says it has were able to resolve another Windows 11 problem, this time causing the installing of printers to fail when attempted over network connections.

The organization originally confirmed this issue earlier this year, but worth knowing is the event existed not just on Windows 11 but on Windows 10 too. And Microsoft said that virtually and Windows 10 and Windows 11 version was affected, so long as it still receives support.

“This issue continues to be noticed in devices which access printers via a print server, using HTTP connections. When a client connects to the server to install the printer, a directory mismatch occurs, which causes the installer files to generate incorrectly. As a result, the drivers may not download,” it explained.

“The printer connection methods described in this issue are not widely used by devices created for home use. The printing environments impacted by this issue tend to be more commonly present in enterprises and organizations.”

Fix now available for users

The good news is the problem is now gone, because the newest cumulative update that Microsoft released to all devices running the aforementioned Windows versions includes dedicated fixes on this front. So in theory, the one thing you need to have to do would be to install cumulative update KB5006746 around the affected systems.

Microsoft, however, says it also discovered a workaround that does the trick temporarily should you can’t install this cumulative update just yet.

“IT administrators with admin privileges can still install printer drivers on the client through other means, such as copying packaged drivers from the known good package location. Only the automatic download and installation processes are impacted by this problem,” it says.

Worthwhile to learn is this cumulative update is still in preview at the time of writing, so unless you install it manually, you have to hold back until the next Patch Tuesday for automatic deployment.

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