Microsoft Releases Windows 11 Preview Build 22483

Microsoft has just released a new Windows 11 preview build for users within the Dev channel from the Windows Insider program.

If you’re looking forward to additional features and things like that, don’t be, as the focus in this release is on fixing bugs and increasing the general performance.

Windows 11 build 22483 thus remains designed to polish the knowledge using the new operating-system even further, with Microsoft explaining that otherwise, the only real notable change is really a new option that permits you to right-click the Recommended and much more buttons in Start to refresh the items that you see.

Full concentrate on performance improvements and bug fixes

Otherwise, it’s about further improvements, with Microsoft reminding users that everything being tested within the Dev channel don’t have a release date.

“These builds are from the earliest stage in a new development cycle using the latest work-in-progress code from our engineers. These aren’t always stable builds, and sometimes you will notice issues that block key activities or require workarounds while flighting within the Dev Channel. You should make sure you browse the known issues listed in our blog posts once we document many of these issues with each flight,” the organization explains.

“These builds will also be not matched to a specific release. New features and OS improvements from these builds could appear in future Windows releases when they’re ready, and that we may deliver them as full OS updates or servicing releases.”

The rollout of Windows 11 to production devices is currently arrived, with Microsoft looking to complete it by the summer of 2022. Obviously, everything takes place in stages included in a strategy that Microsoft also used in yesteryear and that allows the company to suspend the rollout for certain computers should it encounter indications of a widespread bug.

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