Latest Update Indeed Fixes Windows 11 AMD Ryzen Performance Bug

The rollout of Windows 11 originates with several important performance problems, including one hitting AMD Ryzen processors and apparently experiencing an obvious slowdown overall.

Obviously, this was a significant major shortcoming for some, especially since some AMD Ryzen CPUs will be able to run Windows 11 just flawlessly. And this is the reason Microsoft has been working night and day on coping with the whole thing, along with a fix has already been being available within the latest patch.

Windows 11 update KB5006746, shipped as build 22000.282 to Windows insiders within the Beta and Release Preview channels come with a dedicated fix targeted at Ryzen processors, with Microsoft explaining the next within the official release notes:

“We fixed an L3 caching issue that might affect performance in some applications on devices that have AMD Ryzen processors after upgrading to Windows 11 (original release).”

The fix does its job

The early benchmarks have indeed revealed an important performance increase for Ryzen-powered devices, and now AIDA64 confirms this is actually the situation, as the performance problems of AMD’s processors on Windows 11 have left.

“We’ve installed and tested the upcoming @Windows patch (KB5006746) also it appears as if it fixes the L3 speed issue that affected the @AMD Ryzen processors on the initial discharge of Windows 11,” AIDA64 tweeted earlier this week.

Screenshots included in the tweet also show an obvious increase in the L3 cache, indicating the issue is indeed fixed for Ryzen processors.

The Windows 11 rollout happens to be under way, and bugs like this one would be the living proof that utilizing a release in stages may be the right method for Microsoft in the short term. This release model permits the company to find new bugs in an early stage before more computers are impacted, giving everybody additional time to act accordingly as well as suspend the rollout for that impacted configurations.

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