Intel Prepares Its Drivers for Windows 11

Intel is actually among the companies playing a vital role within the release technique for Windows 11, because the company must provide users out there with fully up-to-date drivers supporting the brand new operating system.

Microsoft has confirmed that select 7th-gen in addition to all 8th-gen and newer processors are supported by Windows 11, with the company explaining that unsupported hardware with old drivers is among the reasons few people is getting the new operating-system.

Intel is working around the clock on preparing its drivers for Windows 11, and earlier this year, the company presented new graphics drivers suitable for both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

However, on Windows 11, only the aforementioned chips are supported, with more information shared by Intel in this article.

Windows 11 and also the driver struggle

Microsoft explains that it tried to determine whether older hardware can deal with Windows 11, however the company eventually found that an older processor with outdated drivers posseses an increased likelihood of crashes.

“From Windows Insider machines, the ones that didn’t meet the minimum system requirements had 52% more kernel mode crashes (blue screens) than those that did qualify. Machines that met the requirements provided a 99.8% crash-free experience that’s effectively managed by OEMs and IHVs through modern driver update management. Additionally, on unsupported hardware app hangs are 17% much more likely as well as for first-party apps we see 43% more crashes,” Microsoft said.

Windows 11 is projected to be finalized as soon as the the following month, while the rollout to production devices available should kick off in October.

Obviously, we ought to expect all OEMs available to come up with updated drivers for their hardware, especially because the release of Windows 11 is expected to develop a substantial rise in relation to sales, not just for brand new PCs but also for peripherals along with other components.

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