How to Disable Meet Now in Taskbar in Windows 10

For those who have updated Windows 10 to the latest update, you might have seen Meet now app running within the taskbar and you may see the icon. Meet Now in Skype allows you to easily generate a collaboration space and enable both Skype contacts and friends or family who aren’t on Skype. Participants may then easily join meetings when they have been a merchant account or not. If you want to do video calls, this is an excellent option. But what if you need to disable Meet now in taskbar in Windows 10? Let’s discover in this post.

You will find multiple ways to disable meet now including editing the registry settings, but we will see the simplest option to take it out of the taskbar.

How you can Disable Meet Now in Taskbar in Windows 10:

Step 1: Open Settings in Windows 10 and go to Personalization option inside Settings panel.

Step 2: Under the Personalization settings, select Taskbar option which is offered at the foot of this settings.

Step 3: Under the taskbar settings, scroll down and you will see a link “Turn system icons on or off”, click on this.

Step 4: Here you will notice a lot of system icons which you can enable or disable. You can also see the option to turn off Meet now. Should you don’t would like it to appear in taskbar, you are able to disable it here.

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