How to Enable Read Receipts in Outlook [Windows and macOS]

Outlook is one of the best email clients readily available for Windows and macOS and many of us use Outlook for sending and receiving emails. Some of the emails sent might be important and urgent and it may be important for you to definitely know if the recipient has browse the email. There is an option in Outlook called Read Receipt, which can be configured and you get a notification on if the recipient has read your email or otherwise. This is how to enable read receipts in Outlook, both in Windows and macOS.

How to Enable Read Receipts in Outlook:


Step 1: Open Outlook in your Windows and then click the File menu on top left corner of the Outlook.

Step 2: Within the file menu, select the Possibilities at the end.

Step 3: This will take you to Outlook options. Here you have to select the Mail tab around the left side. Underneath the mail option, you can see the Tracking sub-menu. Here you will see the choice to enable read receipts in email. You should check this area against read receipts and click on OK to enable it.


In macOS, enabling read receipt is really a different process. Read receipts and delivery notifications are available in only some versions of Outlook for Mac, and just when utilizing a Microsoft 365 work or school account, or an Exchange Server account managed from your organization.

The read receipt could be enabled whenever you compose a new email. Click the new email button and under the options tab within the new email, you will see an option “Request a Read Receipt” option. You need to enable this to achieve the read receipt. If you don’t see this option inside your Outlook on macOS, this feature is not supported.

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