Microsoft Brings Back the Refresh Option to Windows 11 Context Menu

Windows 11 includes plenty of changes, but the closer we obtain to its release date, the greater the operating system is further polished and everything ends up working just as you’d expect it to work.

The newest preview build, for example, comes with an important change for individuals who have to refresh their desktops and folder contents regularly.

Should you installed the original Windows 11 build, you most likely realize that the refresh choice is no longer in the primary context menu when right clicking in a folder or around the desktop. It is because Microsoft has established a brand new “Show more options” section in the context menu that points you to definitely the original context menu that was bundled with Windows 10, therefore keeping the brand new design overall pretty clean.

The refresh option, however, is definitely considered a must-have for Windows power users, so moving it underneath the new section and for that reason requiring one extra click for the whole thing wasn’t necessarily everybody’s bag.

F5 still works too

And I, for example, found this on my very own, as some of the files which i deleted in the desktop remained as there and required a refresh, and carrying this out regularly may ultimately become a significant inconvenience given one extra step could be required.

The latest Windows 11 preview build, however, fixes everything and brings the refresh button during the main context menu when right clicking the desktop or a folder, so everything works much like it did in Windows 10. This doesn’t result in the context menu more cluttered, and actually, it’s actually more familiar now, especially for Windows 10 users.

Of course, pressing F5 on the keyboard is still effective to refresh the desktop, but if you depend on mouse input more than around the keyboard, this small change definitely is useful.

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