Windows 11 Preview Build Actually RTM as Core OS Already Done

Microsoft announced Windows 11 earlier this year, and also the preview build has become available for download for Windows Insiders in the Dev channel.

The Redmond-based software giant promised to produce the brand new operating-system within the fall of the season, explaining that particular eligible Windows 10 devices would have it like a free upgrade.

Theoretically, given the testing program has only recently started, Windows 11 continues to be in the early days, which is something which makes total sense given we’re still not even close to as soon as the operating system is projected to determine the daylight.

But according to developer Steve Troughton-Smith, this isn’t necessarily the case with Windows 11.

This is because the preview build that Microsoft shipped to insiders is really an RTM build from the operating-system. And if this sounds odd for you, it’s because Microsoft is attempting to utilize a different approach for Windows 11.

Windows 11 core OS done

Windows versions typically get to the RTM stage approximately per month before the public rollout, so Windows 11 hitting this milestone so early is definitely unexpected.

However for Windows 11, the RTM stage actually means as soon as when the core OS has reached the ultimate stage. Quite simply, the core OS that hardware partners require is already done, so Microsoft will now concentrate on the UX going forward, trying to polish the experience for users available prior to the public rollout starts for production devices.

Theoretically, Windows 11 continues to evolve in the Windows Insider program much like Windows 10 did, so Microsoft continues to add additional features with the discharge of new builds for testers. Quite simply, the core OS is ready, so what we’ll receive within the coming months are new features added over the base code that’s recently been finalized.

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