Windows 11 Features a New Widget Setting, Though It’s Not What you believe

Windows 11 is projected to come with all kinds of additional features, and the build that got leaked to the web earlier today confirms a number of them.

Including what Microsoft calls “widgets,” though as you’ll learn inside a second, it’s not quite that which you expect this to become.

First of all, the final time Windows features something such as widgets was in Windows 7 once the operating-system included support for gadgets. The feature was eventually dropped for security reasons, with Microsoft then sticking with a simplified desktop going forward.

Windows 8 introduced live tiles around the Start screen and Windows 10 brought them to the beginning menu, with users hoping that at some point, these could be brought directly to the desktop.

The fact is, Microsoft not just doesn’t expect to do this, but it also really wants to give up on live tiles completely. The leaked Windows 11 build reveals the beginning menu no more features live tiles, instead using a Windows 10X-inspired approach having a more static design.

Windows 11 widgets

What are widgets in Windows 11? An option in the Windows 11 settings screen allows users to “show widgets button” around the taskbar, though this time, Microsoft is really talking about this news and interests experience that’s already obtainable in Windows 10 and which will get an interface makeover when the next OS goes live.

“News and interests around the taskbar provides easy access to information that’s important to you, without the distraction of switching between apps, websites, along with other devices. View your location’s current climate conditions on your taskbar and hover over the icon to determine concise, scannable information from sports and stocks to local news and breaking headlines,” Microsoft explains.

Windows 11 will be announced on June 24, as the launch is projected to occur in the fall of the year.

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